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      ABC's Real Estate Inspection Services department has performed building inspections for sixteen years and is licensed, insured and registered to perform any Commercial Property Inspection.

      ABC's employees have completed more than 300 Commercial InspectionsABC has a Commercial Inspection Team second to none.  It consists of qualified engineers, architects, a Certified Master Electrician, Licensed Plumber, Licensed Air Conditioning Specialist, other technicians and service persons that are specialized in their respective categories of construction components.  ABC inspects all types of commercial property including Shopping Centers, Apartment buildings, Strip Malls, Hotels/Motels,  Town Houses, Warehouse Facilities and Multi-story Office Buildings.

     Let ABC's professional Commercial Inspectors do your inspections.  No inspection is too small or too large, too close or too far.

      Call an ABC specialist at  501-796-3627 for all your Commercial Inspections needs.

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